Responding to circumstances

By the time a potato ends up as fries on a plate or in a bowl, much has happened. A complex chain of activities connect cultivation, transport, production, distribution and eating. We make sure this process is not disrupted. From distribution of the demand over the factories all over Europe to delivery to more than 100 countries, the flow never stops. Under greatly varying circumstances because we work with a natural product. Do you keep us on our toes from soil to consumer?

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Aviko is the world’s largest European producer of fresh, frozen and dried potato products and one of the top four global market leaders for potato products. Since 2002 we are part of Royal Cosun. We’re proud of these achievements! Everyone at our 13 production locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Poland and China we passionately serve 2.5 billion tables per year. Our goal is to bring people, cultures and tastes together worldwide. Our drive is the great potential of our products and the impact this has on quality, service, innovation and sustainability within our chain: from farm to fork.