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A hidden world lies behind our fries and other beautiful products. You can discover that world! Through a traineeship, research assignment or an exciting starting position in the field of technology, R&D, HR or marketing. Supported by the training courses of our own Academy and development programmes at our parent company Royal Cosun. In exchange for your fresh perspective on our processes, we will give you independence and room for your entrepreneurial spirit to thrive. Do you want to learn how things work at a European market leader?

Disciplines for Young Talents


Every week 34 million kilos of potatoes are converted into tasty and attractive products. Driving 100 trucks every day to deliver everything.


Thanks to our smart factories, we are the experts in the production of fries. We make the most of technology and enjoy nothing more than optimisation.


There lies a whole world behind our fries. In HR, Finance and ICT, we make sure that the basic processes function properly and we proactively work with you on the future.

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There will be one or more interviews, depending on the position.


This position requires an assessment. The type of assessment will depend on the position. You will of course receive more information beforehand.

Factory tour

You'll be given a guided tour of the factory; a great way of getting to know the company!


If there's a match, we'll make you an appropriate offer.

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