As a process operator, Matthijs Huetink corrects faults and deviations, monitors whether the factory machines are performing properly, and strives to get the most out of the potato in every way he can.
“I work shifts and alternate office work with factory work. In the factory, my work mainly consists of making sure that the machines have been configured properly. We have a machine that uses a camera to detect bad chips. A bad chip is blown off the conveyor belt by means of the camera footage. If this camera isn’t properly configured, we’ll either lose too many chips or end up with a low-quality product.”

“I want to get the most out of our potatoes.”

“I always try to get the most out of our potatoes and cut down on waste as much as possible. All our leftover waste goes to a company that produces cattle feed, which is better from a sustainability point of view and helps us minimise losses. Contributing to a better world makes me very happy.”

“I like knowing that I’m doing my bit at the company.”

“I like knowing that I’m doing my bit at the company.”

“I like knowing that I’m doing my bit at the company. Last year, for instance, I worked on a project that tried to find the cause behind broken, damaged potatoes. Together with a colleague, I noticed that the pipeline through which the potatoes made it to the factory floor was too rough on the potatoes. We sent a proposal to the technical service department and now we have fewer damaged potatoes and higher yield.”

"I contribute to the company and to a better world."

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